My Mission is to make Sustainable Loungewear ✨fun✨

My journey in fashion design continues to be an exciting one, rooted in my passion for sustainability and a desire to empower artisans. I began my career at Adidas and continued working with other fashion conglomerates like Landmark Group and FabIndia. Beyond my corporate roles, I first ventured into entrepreneurship in 2017, embarking on a mission to create a more sustainable and inclusive fashion industry. After establishing a line of natural handmade clothing, I was able to successfully exit the business before moving onto my true passion - loungewear!

The Deccan Label was created to honor my love for textiles and passion for comfort fashion. This brand celebrates my textile roots and pays homage to the beautiful weaver communities from the Deccan Plateau of the Indian Subcontinent. I believe in fostering positive social impact and making a difference in the lives of those in need and contribute a portion of the sales back to these amazing artisans.

Size-inclusivity is a fundamental aspect of my brand's ethos. I take pride in weaving together elegance and ease for all people and celebrating every body, shape and size. Sustainability is at the heart of everything I do. We take pride in our commitment to the environment by utilizing existing textiles to create small but seasonally curated collections. By repurposing, upcycling and implementing zero waste design practices, we reduce textile waste and save them from entering the landfills. Moreover, our eco-conscious approach eliminates the need for fabric dyeing, saving countless gallons of water and preventing harmful dye waste from entering our ecosystems.

Thank you for supporting my small business, I'm thrilled to have you be a part of #thedeccanfamily

Happy Lounging🛋️

Aparna, Founder & Designer